CCOD Neighborhood Vision Statement

"To get involved in any and all issues which impact the quality of life in the Davisville area. We will support those issues that beautify our area, enhance our lifestyle, help our children develop into productive citizens, and increase the safety of all the residents of Davisville."

Some of our more immediate goals in support of this vision include:

  • Support the beautification of Sawmill Pond and its surrounding area so that the citizens of Davisville can better enjoy its resources. This includes water quality testing, opening up areas at the waterís edge for pond access, and fixing and maintaining safety fencing and drainage pipes. CCOD has formed a Sawmill Pond Committee to accomplish this important goal.
  • We are working hard to develop a social consciousness in our area that we can be proud of and that would help make Davisville a more desirable place to live. CCOD has formed a Social Committee dedicated to bringing our residents together.
  • Safeguard our commitments by ensuring that all funds collected for Davisville stay in Davisville and are used to benefit all our citizens in the way they were meant to be used.
  • Rally some much-needed political representation for the north end of town.
  • Help our education system to better handle the current overflow of children and make sure that all children in our community get the best education possible.
  • Propose safety improvements such as a pedestrian crosswalk light on Devilís Foot Road, so the children who have to cross this busy street to get to school can do so safely.
  • Improve the aesthetic quality of our neighborhood by proposing to replace the crumbled curbing in our neighborhood, and involve ourselves in the future planning of general town-sponsored neighborhood updates.

These are just a handful of the ideas CCOD dedicates itself to. We are proud to give Davisville its long overdue voice within the community, and look forward to keeping residents informed and creating new and exciting opportunities for our neighborhood.

Ask Questions
Take a Stand
Gather the Facts
Present the Findings
Offer Solutions
Engage the People
Create a Community

We Can Do It Together,
And We Welcome You To Join Us!